Location of Hotel Possidon

The northest island of the country, Thassos is situated opposite the gulf of Kavala. With the richest of soils it is one of the richest Greek islands regarding flora and the source of the whitest marble in the world. A tourist center after the late 70's now it has developed into a steady value in the tourism market. Pristine, tranquil and more than interesting, Thassos has something to offer to each one of its visitors.

There is a variety of options in all aspects. There are numerous Blue Flag awarded beaches, archaeological sites, museums, rustic villages and mountain hikes, boat excursions, exhibitions and festivities, bars, clubs, bouzouki clubs, cafes and shops, no matter what is your main interest there is a huge chance you'll meet it.

Thassos has an above-the-average road network which can bring you to its remotest corner - sometimes a jeep is more indicated for attempts as such!! Alternatively, a motor bike is one of the most flexible approaches - as long as you have your helmet on - and last, the public transportation which can get you from village to village with very few money.

Famous for its domestic products, Thassos is a heaven for hand-made enthusiasts. Honey, olives, syrup sweets, olive oil, cheese and local drinks, artifacts, especially pottery are almost the most recommended of an island with such intense naturist bond.

You can travel to Thassos easily by plane or by car. After you reach Karamoti port you take the ferry boat and in half hour, there you are, ready to start your vacation in the island.